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In The Free 7 Day Category King Challenge I Will Be Showing You Exactly How To...

  • Conquer imposter syndrome once and for all in under 1 hour 
  • The remarkably simple yet proven way to identify the perfect “territory” for you to take and make yourself King over right now
  • How to get some of most influential and successful people in your space to help you secure your place of category king. 
  • ​How to re-think and re-position yourself in your industry so you can win the game before it even starts
  • ​How to cut through the all the marketing noise and command the immediate respect and attention of your ideal prospective customers
  • ​How to launch grow and scale your dream business to category king using with the most effective modern-day marketing strategies being used by the most elite marketers and entrepreneurs today

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The challenge starts Monday Aug 31st and will deliver the most important information I believe you need to know right now to cut through the noise and become the #1 go-to expert in your industry.

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8-Figure Entrepreneur and Founder of the 100X Academy, The #1 Training Program and Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs

The Go-To Industry Expert For Online Challenges and Creator Of Crush It With Challenges  

Chart-Topping Affiliate Marketer

7-Time Winner of the ClickFunnels Two-Comma Club Award
3x New York Times Best-Selling Author

Investor on ABC's Shark Tank for the past 10 years

Founder and CEO of FUBU, a $6 Billion Fashion game changer
Dean Graziosi Is A Business Coach, Mentor, Author And A Leader. 

With Over 13 Companies Under His Belt And Jaw Dropping Success,

 Dean Will Help Empower You To Take What You Already Know And Package It And Share It. Let Him Become Your Coach Too!
J. J. Virgin  is internationally recognized expert in overcoming weight loss resistance and was one of the first women to break into wellness and personal training industry. 

She has written several books including The Virgin Diet: Drop 7 Foods, Lose 7 Pounds, Just 7 Days; Six Weeks to Sleeveless and Sexy: The 5-Step Plan to Sleek, Strong, and Sculpted Arms; The Virgin Diet Cookbook: 150 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Lose Weight and Feel Better Fast; and JJ Virgin's Sugar Impact Diet: Drop 7 Hidden Sugars, Lose up to 10 Pounds in Just 2 Weeks.
Alex and Leila Hormozi have transformed more than 1,700 gyms across four continents through Gym Launch, a coaching program that helps gym owners acquire, serve, and retain customers.  

We teach gym owners step-by-step how to convert their existing brick & mortar gym model into a more profitable model with tested best practices for acquisition, ascension, and retention Then, we continue to test new strategies to increase profitability and find new ways to get customers while providing a community of support.
Pete Vargas is Founder and CEO of Advance Your Reach where he and his team are responsible for booking over 25,000 stages worldwide. 

Pete has been educating speakers about how to book stages for over a decade. He has helped speakers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small business owners land speaking engagements and leverage the stage to grow their businesses. Pete has worked with legendary entrepreneurs including Daymond John, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, Ryan Deiss, Grant Cardone, and many others.

Creator Of The Rise Up World Challenge, Pete has now taken his in-depth knowledge of physical stages and is now an industry leader in virtual events. 

Can I get your permission to have some


with you for the next few minutes?

Ambitious Entrepreneur,

Look, I understand achieving success online can be frustrating and difficult at times...

And I know we are supposed to be happy and celebrate other peoples successes, but for real...

are you starting to be like..."When is it going to be my turn?" 

Well...I know all too well what that feels like...

For many years...I witnessed so many other people seemingly getting to live the life of their dreams...

A life filled with success and fulfillment, while I fought to maintain a positive attitude and be happy for them...

Secretly I was thinking..."When is it going to my time to shine? 

When am I going to finally crush it so I can be recognized as an impact maker?"

If you are tired of the marketing treadmill...you know the one you are probably on now...where you are putting in work doing all kinds of things and yet you are pretty much in the exact same place...

Maybe it's time to get off that marketing treadmill and get on the fast-track.

Because there really is a fast-track to the business success and recognition you desire?

There really is a way to collapse time and erase the years of struggle that may still lye before you if you keep doing what you are doing now.

You see the #1 question I am being asked now almost on a daily basis from friends, customers, and even major marketing industry insiders is...

"Pedro...where in the heck did you come from? 

How in the world are you getting people like... 

Daymond John from the Shark Tank, 
Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier Of Digital Marketer,
Joe Polish of Genius Network
Dean Graziosi of MasterMind.com
Eben Pagan, John Lee Dumas, Jason Fladlein,
Jeff Walker, Pete Vargas and many other world-class entrepreneurs in the marketing world to not only collaborate with you... 

but how did you get these people to also promote you to their customers and email list?"

After having so many people ask me that I question, I decided to do something that I have never done before...

And that is...

I'm going to share with you the exact process...in a simple step by step blueprint...that allowed me to go from a complete unknown just several months ago to a well-known celebrated industry impact maker and Category King of Challenges in under 7 days...

and completely for FREE.

Imagine what would be possible for you once I teach you how to leapfrog to the front of the line?

Imagine what your life and business when will look like once you become #1 recognized go-to expert in your industry?

Not only am I going to show you how I was able to cut though the noise and become the #1 go-to industry expert for challenges in just the past few months...

But I've invited some of my friends and fellow industry transformers who also have secured the coveted position of Category King and Queen to be guest trainers for this life-changing challenge...

Here are just a few of the incredibly successful Category Kings and Queens that we have lined up so far to share the exact steps they used early in their careers to cut through the noise, and get recognized as the #1 go-to industry expert.

"The People's Shark" Daymond John The King of Fashion

Dean Graziosi, The King of Knowledge Business  

JJ Virgin, The Queen of Health and Nutrition 

Pete Vargas, The King Of Stages

Alex and Lelia Hormozi. The King and Queen Of Gym Marketing

You see...

If you want to collapse time, its going to require making  bold strategic moves...

Unfortunately, I see many struggling entrepreneurs that are thinking about their business as if it was a game of checkers...when really the game of business can be best won when it's played like Chess. 

So join me LIVE starting Aug 31st for the 7 Day Category King Challenge to learn the exact process and framework that has allowed me to go from complete obscurity to one of the most influential marketing trainers today...

This process has not only only allowed me to find my purpose, provides me massive amounts of fulfillment but has also allowed to become an 8-Figure Entrepreneur in just my 2nd full year as an online marketer.

Again In This Free 7 Day Category King Challenge I Will Be Covering:
  • How to conquer imposter syndrome once and for all...so you can end the tyranny of self-doubt and unbelief and start taking bold consistent action.
  • The remarkably simple yet proven way to identify the perfect “land” for you to take and make yourself King over right now...so you can finally know exactly where to FOCUS your time and attention and what to start ignoring. 
  • How to get some of most influential and successful people in your space to help you secure your place of category king...so you can quickly be positioned as a leading expert in your industry. 
  • ​How to re-think and re-position how you see yourself and your industry so you can win the game before it even starts.
  • ​How to cut through the all the marketing noise so you can command the immediate respect and attention of your ideal prospective customers.
  • ​The most effective modern-day marketing strategies being used by the most elite marketers and entrepreneurs today so you can finally launch, grow, or scale your dream business to category king in record time. 
Again, I have never trained this in-depth on this topic...not even in my high-level masterminds...

Hit the button below and register for this free challenge while registration is still open...oh yeah you just might win a Tesla in the process.

To your success,

Pedro "The Challenge Guy" Adao

8-Figure Entrepreneur

Founder of The 100X Academy The #1 Training Program and Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Creator Of Crush It With Challenges

Here's what the experts are saying...

"Pedro Is friend That Shows Up and Serves His Clients at the highest level. He has taken online challenges to a whole new level, the modern era" 

Dean Graziosi

"It's absolutely incredible what Pedro has Been Able to accomplish in such a short amount of time" 

Russell Brunson

"Pedro broke down his challenge model for Roland Frasier and I...Dude is super smart" 

Ryan Deiss 
Digital Marketer

"I'm now convinced that the greatest competitive advantage you can have online today is knowing how to run online challenges.
And I have not seen anyone do challenges better than Pedro"
-Jason Fladlien
100M In Webinar Sales

"Pedro helped me do my first ever challenge, and I saw conversion numbers like I have never seen before in my life. 

Pedro and his challenge model gets my most highest and enthusiastic endorsement."
- Ryan Levesque
Ask Method

"Pedro is without a doubt the leading marketing expert and authority on the subject of online challenges" 

-Joe Polish
Genius Network



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